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Muscle Building Supplements For Women | Health Quotes

Female bodybuilding has increasingly become a more popular sport. Women are now interested in losing body fat and building a strong body just like their male counterparts. The idea of creating a tight, toned body not only increases self confidence, but also boosts a woman’s physical empowerment. However, the challenges of women’s bodies and lack of muscle building hormone make building the ideal body difficult to achieve. Therefore, lots of women have sought assistance from supplementation to help the build muscle.

When you think of supplementation for muscle building, what probably comes to mind are hard core muscle enhancers such as Steroids. Supplementation to build muscle for women is totally different than what you may be used to seeing when watching male bodybuilders. There are natural supplement products that help women gain the similar muscle gains as men, without harmful side effects.

Whey Protein
Whey protein is ideal for any woman that wants to gain muscle to control her weight. Adding whey protein to your diet can achieve these results by increasing lean muscles mass. Lean muscle mass allows the body to burn off excess fat fast. Consuming .88 grams of protein per body weight each day is enough to minimize risk of overtraining; a common condition endured by hard core bodybuilders. The best times to take whey protein is right after a workout as a fast absorbing protein to fuel your muscles then another serving before going to bed.

Fat Burner
Studies indicate that a women that don’t workout gain, on average, one-half pound of body fat each year after the age 18. This is the reason why serious female bodybuilders still face difficulty losing weight even after hard training. Don’t be alarmed, this is just a woman’s metabolism natural slowing down as she ages. However, if you are a bodybuilder, your goal is to eliminate as much fat around the body as possible so you might not give into the slow metabolism excuse. Fat burners, in natural form, can help. Natural fat burners consist of a mixture of herbs that increase the body’s thermogenic effects to speed up the metabolism; enhancing fat loss.

Female bodybuilders take Creatine to gain weight with its water retention effects. However, there are Creatine supplements that have minimal water weight gain assisting in muscle circulation. In the body, Creatine produces ATP, which allows for quick, explosive bursts of activity, enhancing the amount of weight lifted.

Essential Fatty Acids
Consuming the right amounts of dietary fat is important to reach your fitness goals and overall health. Contrary to what people believe, there are some good fats such as nuts, fish oil, and other sources that help with energy production, reduction in water retention, control cellular fluids, and oxygen diffusion all of which are beneficial to creating the best environment for proper muscle growth.

High calcium intake plays a vital role in helping female bodybuilders to increase bone strength, while enduring the demands of heavy training. Calcium is also essential for proper muscle function and contraction. Calcium supplements should be taken instead of food sources that contain calcium such as milk and cheese due to their high fat content.

The right combination of supplements can help female bodybuilders put on muscle faster than if they were only training and dieting. As with any nutritional program, you want to consult with a certified nutritionist to understand the proper way to implement supplements into your diet. To ensure the best overall physique, be sure to compliment your supplementation with a healthy diet and exercise.

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